Brake Repair in Walnut Creek

Brake Repair in Walnut Creek | Frank's Auto Service

Welcome to the premier Walnut Creek brake repair shop - Frank’s Auto Service. While we offer a full range of auto repair services, brake repair and brake service in Walnut Creek is one of the more frequent client requests.

Fortunately, our nationally ASE certified technicians can provide your vehicle with a full gamut of brake services and repairs: from brake pad replacement, or brake shoe replacement, to brake rotor replacement, brake fluid testing and exchange (aka brake fluid flush), brake calipers repair or replacement, brake master cylinder issues, warped rotors, ABS sensors replacement, ABS braking system repair, to name just a few. Disk brakes or drum brakes – our technicians have the skills, latest training, and state-of-the-art digital equipment so they can take great care of your vehicle.

Symptoms that Brakes Need to Be Checked by a Competent Mechanic:

You should bring your vehicle as soon as possible to a trusted mechanic if any of these symptoms appear:

  • brake dashboard light is red
  • brake pedal is slow to respond or spongy
  • constant squealing or grinding noise during braking
  • any time you feel that "something is wrong" with the brakes
  • brake dashboard light glows amber, this usually means that there is a problem with the anti-lock brake system (ABS)

How We Do Brake Repairs at Frank's Auto Service

First step is to perform full diagnostic testing to find out exactly what is wrong. Brakes are crucial to your safety, so thorough testing is mandatory. During this phase, we will inspect and measure the thickness of brake pads (or brake shoes), check rotors, test brake fluid, inspect brake hoses, and other components of the brake system.

Next step - we will contact you and explain what needs to be done and why. We perform digital inspections, including pictures, which we can email or text to you, so you can see exactly what we see and we can show you what needs to be corrected.

Once you authorize repairs, we will get the parts and complete the repairs.

Final part of the repair process is the test drive, so we can verify that the brakes perform as expected. Once we are satisfied that the repairs are completed, we will contact you so you can pick up the vehicle.

Our Promise

When you bring your vehicle to Frank’s Auto Service, whether for brake service, brake repairs, or even just for an oil change, you can expect:

  • Local shuttle for your convenience
  • Same day service completion (in most cases)
  • Original Equipment quality parts
  • ASE certified technicians
  • 36 month / 36,000 mile warranty

If your vehicle indicates that brakes need professional attention, bring it to Frank's Auto Service. Our Walnut Creek auto repair shop can provide you with a local shuttle while you drop off your car for repairs. Making an appointment is easy - you can make an appointment online, or simply give us a call.