Welcome to Frank’s Auto Service, the premier hybrid service and repair shop in Walnut Creek, CA. We offer full range of hybrid services - from routine maintenance that keeps your new car warranty in force, to advanced diagnostics, and repairs, including hybrid battery replacement, and hybrid inverter problems.

Our Walnut Creek hybrid repair shop employs nationally ASE certified mechanics who have extensive experience servicing and repairing hybrid vehicles. Whether you drive Toyota Prius, Toyota Camry, Toyota Highlander hybrid, Lexus Hybrid, Honda Hybrid, Toyota Highlander hybrid, Ford Fusion hybrid, Chevy Tahoe Hybrid, GMC Yukon hybrid, or any other hybrid currently manufactured, our technicians have state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and in-depth training to provide you with superior service, and to get your vehicle back on the road, usually the same day.

We have the capabilities to also service electric vehicles like Tesla, Nissan Leaf, and Chevy Volt as well.

Walnut Creak Hybrid Service and Repair | Frank's Auto Service & Repair, Inc.

When you visit our Walnut Creek hybrid repair shop, you will meet our friendly staff, and can expect:

When you visit our Walnut Creek hybrid repair shop, you will meet out friendly staff, and can expect:

  • Original Equipment quality parts
  • 36 month / 36,000 mile nationwide warranty on parts and labor (except Hybrid Battery)
  • Local shuttle for your convenience
  • In most cases, same day repair completion

We are Walnut Creek hybrid service and repair specialists. When your Hybrid visits our repair shop, we will not only perform services and diagnostics you requested, but also provide a complimentary vehicle inspection, that often allows us to catch potential problems before they fully develop. We will provide you with a detailed report of all issues we find, and prioritize needed repairs and services.


Some of the things we look for: tire wear, tire pressure, condition of belts, hoses, and for visible oil leaks or transmission leaks. Whether your vehicle needs manufacturer recommended maintenance, or faces serious repairs, you can bring it to us knowing it will be in good hands.

Our friendly staff is looking forward to solving problems your Hybrid may experience. For your convenience, we offer online appointments, or just give us a call.

Every day we deal with common hybrid problems, including auxiliary 12V battery replacement, high voltage battery replacement, inverter problems, hybrid battery fan, MECS pump problems, and Honda IMA problems (Integrated Motor Assist), to name just a few.

Naturally, being a full service auto repair shop, we also provide numerous other service and repairs: air conditioning repair, brake repair, brake pad/rotor replacement, clutch repair, shocks and struts, suspension problems, exhaust system issues, cv joints, AC recharge, water pump replacement, timing belt replacement, electrical system repair, emissions problems, serpentine belt replacement, fuel pump repair, oil leak repair, evap leak, coolant leak repair, radiator replacement, and of course, the check engine light diagnostic and repairs - and this list is by no means exhaustive.

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