Brake Shoe Replacement in Walnut Creek

Brake Shoe Replacement in Walnut Creek | Frank's Auto Service & Repair, Inc.

Frank’s Auto Service is the premier auto repair shop in Walnut Creek. We include brake shoe replacement among the many services we offer. Brake shoes are part of the drum brakes. While drum brakes are not as popular as disc brakes, many vehicles use drum brakes on the rear axle. Drum brakes are not as powerful as disc brakes, but since they tend to bear a lighter load, the brake shoes tend to last longer than brake pads. But even with the lighter load, the repeated application of brakes causes friction material to wear down and sooner or later brake shoes need to be replaced.

When the time comes for brake shoe replacement, our nationally ASE certified technicians will perform a brake inspection and replace brake shoes. The brake inspection allows us to ascertain the overall health of the brake system, and alert you to any issues that may be developing. We provide you with an electronic copy of the inspection, so you know exactly what we found.

Our brake inspection includes: checking for leaks, checking brake lines, checking emergency brake cable, checking brake drums, brake cylinders, springs, backing plate, we check brake shoes for contamination, and check thickness – sometimes the shoes might still be thick enough that your vehicle may not need new brake shoes.

In general, we recommend regular brake inspections – along with oil change and tire rotation – we consider this a “minor service” that keeps your car humming. But regardless of any inspections your vehicles might have undergone recently, if at any time you feel that brakes are “spongy”, or if the steering wheel vibrates while braking, if you hear noises when braking, or you simply feel that “something is not right with the brakes” – give us a call and bring the car in as soon as possible for a checkup.

During brake shoe replacement, we will not only replace the brake shoes, but also any other components that we identified as needing repairs or replacement. Once everything is assembled, we test the car in the garage, and when everything checks out, we take it for a road test – this is the final test that verifies that all components work correctly under real world conditions. All services and repairs performed at Frank’s Auto Service carry a 36 month / 36,000 mile warranty.

Our team at Frank’s Auto Service is ready to help with any brake system repairs your vehicle may need. We work by appointment - for your convenience you can set up an appointment online, or simply call us.