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Power Steering Fluid Change in Walnut Creek

Typically, power steering fluid change is an infrequent service. Power steering allows drivers to easily control even the largest vehicles, and it is one of car subsystems that we rarely think about – until it stops working and we have to wrestle with the steering wheel just to make a simple turn. At Frank’s Auto Service in Walnut Creek we offer power steering fluid change as part of the overall maintenance of your vehicle.

In general, we perform power steering fluid change aka power steering fluid flush at the intervals recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Sometimes, though, condition of the power steering fluid, or fluid leaks, require that we change the power steering fluid outside of the normal intervals, as suggested in your vehicle’s manual.

Here are conditions and symptoms that potentially necessitate power steering fluid replacement:

  • If your vehicle has travelled over 100,000 miles since the last power steering fluid change, it is time to have the power steering fluid changed.
  • If the vehicle may be suffering from power steering fluid leak, we highly recommend getting the car to the shop. Driving with low levels of power steering fluid can damage power steering fluid pump, resulting in an expensive repair.
  • When you hear a whining noise as you turn the steering wheel, it is likely that the power steering fluid is contaminated or at a low level, and fluid replacements is recommended.
  • If you experience any steering problems, we would inspect the steering system, and it is possible that a steering fluid change will be indicated.

Why do we need to change the power steering fluid?

Power steering fluid gets contaminated over time. Contamination might be accelerated if there is a leak, and a smaller volume of fluid circulates through the system. Contamination of the power steering fluid comes from the normal wear of various components, with grime, and little bits and pieces of metal and plastic floating in the fluid. It all comes from natural deterioration of power steering system components over time. With time, power steering fluid does not do as good a job as it did when it was brand new and clean, thus puts additional wear on the power steering fluid pump, and the entire system.

So if your car makes strange noises when turning, or making a turn suddenly requires a lot more effort, or maybe you are not sure when the last power steering fluid change took place – call us at Frank’s Auto Service in Walnut Creek. We can make an appointment for power steering inspection, and if power steering fluid change is indicated, we can get it done the same day.

We offer convenient appointments on our website, or call the shop and we will be happy to make an appointment and answer any questions you may have.