Who Works on My Car

When you bring your vehicle to any old auto service shop, you may ask yourself, “So who actually works on my car?” Is it a mechanic? A technician? Here at Frank’s Auto Service, the answer is more like an auto service technician.

At Frank's Auto Service & Repair, Inc. -
The Ability, Training And Experience Of The Auto Repair Technicians Who Work On Your Car - Means Everything.

Who Works on My Car | Frank's Auto Service & Repair, Inc.

A good auto service technician is the combination of a diagnostic wizard, mechanical engineer, electrician and continuing student. This is the kind of professionalism and service you’ll receive at Frank’s. For an automotive repair shop to stay in business for over half a century like ours, they need to deliver top quality auto service, friendly customer care, and while still making a profit.

At Frank's Auto Service & Repair, Inc., your vehicle is worked on only by highly trained, ASE certified honest technicians and mechanics. Whatever it is that needs to be done, we put only the right man, with the right training, and the right parts and diagnostic equipment on the job, to perform any auto repair or other service on your vehicle.

We’ll put the professionals that you can rely on for safety-enhancing, highly efficient auto service results, to work here at Frank’s.

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