Subaru Forester Service and Repair in Walnut Creek

Welcome to Walnut Creek’s premier Subaru repair shop. At Frank’s Auto Service we repair and service all Subaru models, including Subaru Forester. Out technicians are Subaru repair specialists. Whatever your Subaru Forester needs – from manufacturer recommended service, to check engine light repairs, to major engine work – bring your vehicle to Frank’s Auto Service. For your convenience, we offer a local shuttle. 

Our nationally ASE certified technicians have decades of Subaru repair experience. We provide them with latest training, as well as state-of-the-art digital tools to access your Forester on-board computers. When you need professional Subaru diagnostics and repairs, call us.

Subaru vehicles, particularly older models, are well known for excessive oil consumption. They also have a tendency to develop oil leaks, which can, in turn, damage other components. We highly recommend regular oil service – it extends engine life, it extends tire life, and it gives us an opportunity to spot oil leaks, or low engine oil levels.   

Regular Subaru Forester service at our auto repair shop in Walnut Creek fulfills Subaru requirements to maintain manufacturer warranty.

Whenever you bring your Forester to our Walnut Creek auto repair shop, whether for minor service or major repairs, we offer a complimentary digital vehicle inspection. We check various subsystems and components of your vehicle looking for developing problems. We provide you with an electronic copy of the results, so you can have a record of the overall health of your Forester. 

There are some Forester models that require particular attention – if you own one of those, following a regular maintenance schedule is particularly important. 2014 model suffered from broken coil springs, while the 2015 Forester had a tendency to develop engine problems, and transmission issues as well. 2017 Subaru Forester transmission is known for causing jerking/lurching forward motions. If you own one of these model years, it does not necessarily mean that your particular vehicle will develop these problems, but it is good to be forewarned. 

Whatever you Subaru Forester needs – from minor to major issues, you can bring it to Frank’s Auto Service in Walnut Creek knowing that it will get professional treatment, as well as:

  • 36 months / 36,000 miles nationwide warranty
  • Same day service, in most cases
  • Nationally ASE certified technicians working on your Forester
  • Free Digital Vehicle Inspection with service or repairs
  • Original Equipment or better quality parts
  • Local shuttle for your convenience

Frank’s Auto Service offers a broad range of Subaru maintenance services and repairs. We list below only a subset of what we offer – if you do not see something in this list – give us a call – likely we offer that service or repair as well:

  • fuel injection cleaning & service
  • torque converter problems
  • power steering fluid exchange service
  • wheel balancing
  • alternator tensioner
  • diagnose & repair tire pressure monitoring systems
  • electrical and/or wiring problems
  • replace and service transmission
  • manufacturer factory recommended services
  • hybrid battery replacement
  • exhaust system repair
  • SMG repair
  • ignition switch replacement
  • wiper blade replacement
  • CV joint replacement
  • blower motor resistor replacement
  • EVAP sensor replacement
  • electrical system repair
  • timing belt and drive belt replacement
  • fuel pump repair
  • CV boot replacement
  • pre-purchase inspection
  • power lock repair
  • alternator repair
  • brake line and hose replacement
  • steering rack replacement
  • radiator flush
  • wheel bearing replacement
  • brake rotors replacement
  • engine head gasket repair
  • preventive maintenance inspections
  • timing chain replacement
  • brake pads replacement
  • auto a/c blower motor repair
  • anti-lock brake service & diagnostics
  • engine replacement
  • computer diagnostics
  • electrical and computer diagnosis
  • 30,000 miles service
  • 60,000 miles service
  • 90,000 miles service

When your Subaru Forester needs some tender, loving care, bring it to our Walnut Creek repair shop. Our friendly staff will take great care of you and your vehicle. We make it easy to set up appointments online, or if you prefer to talk to a human being, just call us at the shop.