Auto Air Conditioning Service and Repair in Walnut Creek, CA

The long, rainy winter is almost over – just a couple more days of drizzle and the sunshine will return to Walnut Creek. And to get your car ready for the summer, we recommend checking the air conditioning system. If you find that the ac in your car is not working as it should, bring your vehicle to Frank’s Auto Service in Walnut Creek – we provide comprehensive auto ac diagnostics, services and repairs.

Auto a/c system can malfunction for a number of reasons – low refrigerant levels, refrigerant leaks, cracked hoses, broken blower motor, faulty sensors, leaky seals – any one of these conditions can result in ac not working as it should.

When you bring your vehicle to our Walnut Creek auto care facility, our nationally ASE certified technicians will inspect the ac system and will let you know the root cause of the problem. Most ac problems can be fixed the same day. Our technicians use state-of-the art equipment to diagnose and repair your vehicle. If your car’s ac system has low refrigerant levels, we can check it for leaks, and refill the refrigerant – whether your vehicle uses the old R134a or the new R1234YF refrigerant – our auto repair shop offers both for your convenience.

So if your vehicle’s a/c is not frosty enough, give us a call to make an appointment, or you can make an appointment online, on our website. We are looking forward to servicing your vehicle.