Honda Recycles and Reuses Old Honda Hybrid Batteries

Honda is one of the leading manufacturers of hybrid vehicles. At Frank’s Auto Service we regularly service hybrids, including Acura MDX Hybrid, Honda Accord Hybrid, Acura RLX Hybrid and Honda CR-V Hybrid. Over time, hybrid batteries lose their ability to hold charge and need to be replaced. Naturally we offer hybrid battery replacement at our Walnut Creek auto repair shop. But do you sometimes wonder what happens to the old hybrid batteries after they are removed from the vehicles?

Honda made a company-wide commitment to improved old hybrid battery reuse and recycling. As a visible expression of that commitment Honda expanded its partnership with one of the biggest European recyclers – SNAM. It will collect old Honda hybrid batteries in 22 countries, and will separate them into two categories – dead batteries to be recycled, and still viable batteries to be reused.

Old hybrid batteries that can still hold some power will be used to store electricity for homes and businesses (you can use a lot of old batteries to power a house, since their combined weight does not matter – unlike in an automobile where the weight to power ratio is crucial).

Dead hybrid batteries will be recycled. Recent developments in recycling technologies make it possible to extract rare earth metals form dead batteries at a cost that makes economic sense. Cobalt and Lithium will be extracted from old hybrid batteries, and reused in building new hybrid batteries, as well as in making pigments. For example, “Cobalt Blue” pigment is obtained by mixing cobalt oxide with alumina under high temperatures (over 2000 degrees F).

At Frank’s Auto Service we salute Honda’s environmentally friendly stance. We also do our share by promoting recycling throughout our Walnut Creek auto repair shop. So when your Acura Hybrid or Honda Hybrid needs maintenance, repairs, or hybrid battery replacement, call us at the shop.